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Tools for Tilling

Keep your farm in top condition with our tools.

Nutrition Consulting for Farm Animals in Grey & Bruce Counties

Unsure of what to feed your farm animal? Speak to a professional at Bayshore Country Feeds Ltd. We offer farmers in Grey County and Bruce County expert nutrition consulting. Our staff is trained and experienced, able to address even the most obscure nutrition questions you may have.

Animal and Bird Feed

We carry a variety of feeds for a range of furry and feathered creatures. These include feed for:

  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Poultry
  • Birds (recreational bird feed included)


We are proud to be a Masterfeeds® dealer, supplying specialized products to farmers in Ontario. If you're looking for a Masterfeeds® product for your pet or farm animal, come by our store to pick it up.

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