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Affordable Food for Pets and Birds at Bayshore Country Feeds Ltd. in Owen Sound

Keep your beloved furry friend or feathered pet healthy, fit and feeling great with a wide choice of nutritious pet food and bird seeds from Bayshore Country Feeds. Our store in Owen Sound is lined with feed for all types of critters, creatures and winged friends. If you're not interested in buying in bulk, we stock quite a few products that can be purchased by loose amounts, saving you money.

Along with supplying a widespread assortment of pet foods, we also carry a large selection of wild bird feeding supplies. Our product line includes several types of feeders, sunflower seeds, premium wild bird blends, safflower and nuts. If you're looking for a type of feed we don't have, we also offer custom order service. To discuss your pet's nutritional needs, stop by our store.

Our inventory includes a variety of pet food brands, such as

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